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There is an established concept: "If you want to do something the best way, do it yourself". It sounds like irony on web-design. If you don't have a certain experience in web-site construction process then given action will be a great ordeal with colossal waste of time. Torment and unwarranted risk.

Of course the easiest and the most rational way is to ask help from professionals on e-version of your organization construction. The only danger here is "to be cought" by careless junior, which will be procrastinating your order. He will probably finish working out the project, but with difficulty. Most likely, that he will have to finish web-site construction with unnecessary waste of your time by learning technical nuances and getting a lot of mistakes, wich will worsten web-site functionality, usage and its "natural" web-promotion. You can protect yourself from such danger by applying to experienced web-masters which have a bunch of samples - completed and actual web-projects in Krasnodar, in Russia or in other places like Israel, Germany, USA etc. Let it be not a large quantity of samples, but if their completed projects are high-quality ones and suit your needs, they will be a fine basis to trust to such specialists.

Now, its time to grasp adequate costs of web-design in Krasnodar and all over. There is the truth forged by ages, tests and mistakes of other beople that tell us: "Beware of low price!". That doesn't mean that everyone who offer their services in web-design with low price do their job badly. Not at all. It means that you should choose "a golden middle", a harmony in some kind. In price and quality. It is more safier and smarter. Of course it works when such a "mere trifle" as price for web-design is very important to you.

We don't pretend to a role of the most udvanced specialists in web-design. There are other real web-masters here in Krasnodar besides us. There do function well-respected professional web-studios with outstanding coworkers here. However, our costs for the same quality of made web-sites and other projects much lower then costs of a lot of our respected competitors still. It is possible with us to have the same quality web-site as with other individual web-studios and freelancers of Krasnodar but much cheaper. Besides, we always keep the specified terms.

The reason of our frugal prices because of we rid ourselves of office upkeep. Meetings with clients are on neutral grounds or at client's. We think this is most convenient for us and our clients. You don't have to waste your time for a ride to our office - instead we are going to visit you at your place in the most compromisable day- or night- time. We work in informal settings over a cup of coffee listening favourite music. It is more easier, faster and nicier for us. We connect with our clients by skype and other technical means to discuss urgently-appeared questions and may be problems at any feasible time. We don't have to waste any time in such cases. Thats why we always achive outstanding results by giving you a cool web-site. And even more, you save your money which you can to spend on auxiliary advertisings.

Core moments (our principles):
  • Each client is very important for us and for our reputation.
  • We construct web-sites with every our client's technical query.
  • We co-ordinate with our clients the terms of working out beforehand.
  • We use to be not always and not at all agreed with some of our clients on some cases. If we see a client errs in any case we prompt and correct.
  • We don't remake after other so-called web-masters. We design web-sites from none or we make projects completely anew.
  • We only leap into something we make ourselves.


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