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In common words, web-design process - from order to handover - rather intensive. Besides, complexity and, conformably, terms of service execution specify by personal meeting with a client strictly or if the client has an enhanced requirements specification. If there is no expression of requirements but is an idea only, then there must be qualifying meeting in any case.

The major part of technical nuances are being worked over on the meeting: from tentative web-site design to modular completeness - technical feasibilities, from core idea to unwrapped structure. We'll be working with pen and paper. May be a great deal of time. Therefore don't be lazy to make on paper at least a tentative image of your being built web-site in future. Have a try to draw web-site's scheme or structure plan and make a list of top-priority content materials to be deployed at first. That will greatly lighten and fasten the process of web-design services costs determination.

We never begin working out a project without a corresponding expression of requirements. If tentative or some time even precise price can be determined almost right away after meeting with a client, then process of working out the expression of requirements may take a few hours and even a few days, depending on complexity and typical project exclusiveness.

Message us! As wisdom says, the truth is being born in dispute. It can be that you'll be granted with a great idea of your positioning on e-market by the means of outcome of our meeting or correspodence. It also can be that we'll offer you something really useful from our own experience. In any case you'll get closer to really great result.


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